Ceiling Lights Made to Impress

Whether you grew up in a home where it was always referred to as the "big light", or you're looking to give some illumination to dull rooms around the home, there's no beating the look and feel that a well-designed ceiling light can give.

See your room in a whole new light by making a statement - discover our carefully curated collection of ceiling lights. From spotlights & flush ceiling lights to pendants & chandeliers, The Online Lighting Store has a range of ceiling light designs to suit all styles.

Whether you're going for a ceiling light that is a bit unusual or something to suit your contemporary home, we have ceiling lights perfect for any room!



Getting to know the types of ceiling light you can have

We love ceiling lights at The Online Lighting Store. When you begin to scratch the surface, you'll start to see that there's a wider variety of light types than you can imagine. Understanding the nuances between different ceiling lights helps a lot. The main types of ceiling light include:

Flush Ceiling Lights

The most common type of ceiling light. When we say "flush", we simply mean that the light is flush with the ceiling, rather than having any wire protruding. If you were looking for a hanging light from your ceiling, you'd need to look at pendant lights instead.

Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights

When you want a little space from the ceiling or lack the ability to house the unit in the ceiling, semi-flush ceiling lights are the way to go. They'll tend to have a small circular base. 

Recessed Downlights

The most common type of ceiling lights you'll now find in homes, especially in kitchens. These are the small spotlights that sit flush with your ceiling. Most tend to have a brushed or chrome finish, although there is a growing trend for patterned recessed downlights.

Surface Downlights

Just like the semi-flush, surface downlights are handy when you want that spotlight effect but are limited/obstructed from housing the unit in the ceiling. Some of the designs, like the Nordlux Ethan lights, are so unique that some customers who have ceiling space still opt for them, creating ceiling lights with a special look.


Great deals on ceiling lights from top brands

The Online Lighting Store strives to give customers access to deals from some of the best names in lighting. That's why we have a comprehensive range of ceiling lights on offer from brands such as:

  • Dar
  • DFTP
  • Eglo
  • Endon
  • Laura Ashley
  • Leuchten Direkt
  • Maytoni
  • Nordlux
  • Paus Neuhaus
  • Searchlight

If you aren't too familiar with lighting brands but want a designer ceiling light that stands out, some of the best of the best we have available would include the COSMOS 4 light Butter Brass Semi-Flush Ceiling Light and the Eulalia 12 Light Polished Chrome and Crystal Flush Ceiling Light, both by Dar Lighting.


What to ask yourself when buying ceiling lights

Sometimes it can be a case of out of sight, out of mind when shopping for ceiling lights. If it's something you've never done before, you could quickly find yourself getting confused over what you need. When shopping for ceiling lights, ask yourself:

  • Do I have enough space to house the light?
  • How much vertical space do I have to work with?
  • How much light do I want in the room?
  • Do I want ceiling lights I can control?
  • What material will match other fixtures and fittings in the room?
  • Will I need help installing the lights? 

Answering these questions will help you start forming that idea of what your ideal ceiling lights look like. And if you need any help at all, please feel free to contact our lighting experts via the chat icon in the corner of the page.


Can I have ceiling lights outside?

You can, but they'll need to be exterior ceiling lights typically housed in their own unit to protect the light. They'll also typically have a frosted or translucent front to soften the light.


Fully controllable smart ceiling lights 

Want to tell Alexa or Google to turn the lights down? Or prefer to have lights that change colour to match the mood of a room? If that's what you need in your ceiling, our range of smart ceiling lights may be for you. The range includes tuneable white lights and some truly unique RGB LED colour chan

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