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Lighting Styles at The Online Lighting Site

The right lighting can help make any house become a home. Knowing what lighting styles suit your rooms, and what styles to avoid, can be the difference between having a well-balanced room and a space where lighting can detract from the ambience.

Shop our lighting collection based on your own personal style preference, whether that sees you embracing the Scandinavian home trend or opting for a more traditional style in your home. You’ll soon find the ideal lighting style for your home here at The Online Lighting Store.



A wide range of different lighting styles lighting options

Never stopped to think about lighting styles before? Don’t worry! The Online Lighting Store has broken the main styles down to help you figure out which can work in your spaces. The most common lighting styles you’ll find in homes across the country would include:

Classic Styling

You can never go wrong with the classics. Our curated range of classically styled interior lighting will see you looking at fabulous pendant lights and chandeliers.

Modern Lighting

When you want lighting that makes a statement or simply looks the part in dining rooms, living rooms and hallways, modern lighting is the way to go. We have some fantastic modern style ceiling and pendant lights from top brands like Dar and Paul Neuhaus.

Rustic Lighting

Leaning on vintage design, with a hint of the outdoors, rustic lighting looks great in homes where you already have existing features on show. If you have plenty of bronze or brushed copper, rustic could work best for you.

Scandinavian Lighting

It wasn’t so long ago that we had never heard of the big blue & yellow Swedish furniture brand, and yet now there’s a good chance most homes will have at least something with Scandinavian flair. Our range of Scandinavian lighting focuses on the basics, with plenty of whites, blacks and off-greys. 

Stylish Lighting

Arguably the best mix between modern and traditional, stylish lighting is set on making things look elegant. That’s why you’ll often find the likes of wall lights utilising a mixture of contemporary colours and fabrics on shades, and hints of luxury peppered into the design.

Traditional Lighting

When you want to stick to the basics, traditional lighting will rarely let you down. A little touch of class will see you picking from picture lights, pendants, and wall lights. In most cases, they’ll have a polished brass or chrome finish.


Different lighting styles from top brands

Every brand you find at The Online Lighting Store has been handpicked by our team of lighting experts. Some of the best brands to look at when trying to find a specific style include DFTP, Dar, Laura Ashley, Nordlux & Paul Neuhaus. If lighting names are all new to you, we recommend looking at our lighting brands section to get a feel of the designs certain names can bring to your home.

Which lighting styles work best for interiors?

Your lighting style will need to match the look and feel of a room. A kitchen might need some simple recessed lighting, while your hallway could suit a full handing pendant light. You can start building a picture of what works best by checking out our entire range of interior lighting.


Which lighting styles work best for exteriors?

People often overlook having dedicated designer lighting outside the home. Having the right type of bollard light or outdoor spotlight can look much better than an old security light. Our range of exterior lighting may highlight some unique ways of lighting around your home you mightn’t have thought of before.


Stylish smart lighting

Just because your lighting looks stylish, it doesn’t mean it can’t be smart too! We have a dedicated range of smart lighting, with many of our top-selling pendants and ceiling lights being smart lights. Look at our current smart lighting stock, and you’ll see some lovely products from the likes of Paul Neuhaus and Leuchten Direkt.


A great deal on our best-sellers

Now that you have an idea of the different lighting styles on offer, what products are customers loving right now? Some of the best-selling lights in this section include:



You can see which products are trending right now by choosing Best Selling on the menu above.


Delivering stylish lights across the country

The Online Lighting Store can ship all the lights you see here to virtually any address within the United Kingdom and Ireland. Some areas will have restrictions, and you can find information on that here. You’ll also find delivery timeframes on each product page.


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