Design For The People (DFTP) is a brand for all who appreciate contemporary & innovative lighting designs in their spaces. Best known for their minimal and funky pendant lights, you’ll find The Online Lighting Store has over 100 different light fixtures from this top brand on offer. Get a great deal on DFTP lighting when you shop with us.

What is DFTP Lighting?

DFTP is a range from well-known brand Nordlux designed to inspire the world to get excited about home lighting. Products within this range are stylish, functional, affordable and of the highest quality. If you’ve been looking to swap out your “big light” in the living room, so something more discrete, or are looking for trendy gloating lights to have over the dining room table, you’ll easily find something to suit in our DFTP range.

What makes DFTP Lighting special?

Behind each design is one or more renowned Danish designers who strive to create light fixtures that take innovation to the next level. From their top-selling Nori pendant lights to their unique marble table lamps, you’re looking at a premium brand without the premium price tag.

Which DFTP Lighting products are most popular?

Some of the best-selling DFTP lighting products available at The Online Lighting Store would include:
  • Strap 27 White with Brown Leather Strap Detail Pendant Light
  • MIB 6 White with Adjustable Head Ceiling Light
  • MIB 6 Black Metal with Black Cable Floor Lamp
  • MIB 6 White Metal with White Textile Cable Pendant Light
  • And if you’ve been searching high and low for the DFTP lights that look like drum cymbals, you’ll want to search for Artist products in the top search bar.

    Does DFTP have exterior lighting?

    DFTP has some unique exterior lighting, or rather, portable lighting options. If you’re someone who can’t have fixed wall exterior lighting, you might want to consider the DFTP Strap To-Go LED White And Black Portable Light. It’s ideal to have around the home and for those summer evenings when you need warm light in the garden after a barbecue.

    What DFTP Lamps are best for bedrooms?

    Any of the Angle Adjustable Wall Lights (available in grey, black and white) are great for bedrooms. They have a USB port on the side; ideal if you’re used to charging your phone on the bedside table overnight.

    Helping you find great deals on top brand names

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