Endon Lighting

Endon Lighting

A designer lighting brand that utilises unique design features and minimalist techniques to create what could be viewed as one-of-a-kind pieces, The Online Lighting Store is delighted to offer customers some of the fantastic products from Endon lighting. Shop for a great deal with our Endon lighting range, featuring something for every corner of the home. And remember, The Online Lighting Store offers free delivery on qualifying orders.

What is Endon Lighting?

Endon Lighting is a leading British based designer lighting brand. Established over 75 years ago, the brand has become a staple in the designer lighting scene. Primarily known for their table and pendant lights, the brand is now one of the most popular for designer lights incorporating LEDs (their Jenkins Matt White LED Wall Light being a prime example of this in action). Our curated collection of Endon Lighting products is a mixture of ultra-contemporary options for the home, with a mixture of traditional lighting options that afford themselves a touch of class.

What makes Endon Lighting special?

Finding a manufacturer in the UK has become extremely difficult in recent years, so the heritage and history of David Hunt Lighting have become even more special, with their entire product range being manufactured in their factory in the Cotswolds. It isn’t just that they create great looking lights. Many of their products are fully customisable from top to bottom. For example, some of the Metro and Lunar shades allow you to choose from a wide range of colours for everything from the inner side of the shade to the cable. It’s that kind of preciseness that makes David Hunt a firm favourite of our customers.

What type of lighting does Endon make?

The Online Lighting Store has an ever-growing range of Endon lights in stock, including: • Endon spotlights • Endon bathroom lights • Endon table lamps • Endon bathroom lights • Endon pendant lights The most common amongst the range would be their pendant lights and table lights.

Which Endon Lighting products are most popular?

Some of our best-selling Endon Lighting products include: Have the name of an Endon light on the tip of your tongue but having trouble trying to find it? We may be able to help. Click the chat icon in the corner of the page to speak to one of our lighting specialists. Their knowledge of the brand may be able to help you find the product you’re looking for.

What colours do Endon lights come in?

We stock Endon lighting in a variety of colours, with chrome and gold being two of the most popular. If there’s a specific colour you have in mind for your lights, we recommend shopping by colour, as you’ll be able to find similar finishes from other top-rated lighting brands.

Can I have Endon Lighting outside?

Yes. There is a small selection of exterior Endon lighting available, including some pendant lights, wall lights and bollard lights. You can click here or select Exterior Lighting from the menu on the left.

Great deals on designer lighting brands at The Online Lighting Store

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