Table Lamp

Table Lamp

Add something extra to any room of your home with a table lamp from our collection. Our table lamps are perfect for providing soft, ambient lighting and offer the most charming decorative features. So, whether you're searching for a more contemporary lamp or something unusual, find it here at The Online Lighting Store. If you need more bright lighting ideas, check our our ceiling pendant and floor lamp collections!

 Table Lamps Made to Impress

Table lamps are a feature of most rooms in the home. Whether that's the living room, hallway, dining room, office space or hallways – they'll brighten up the corners of your home and add soft lighting to any room, helping create ambience for a relaxing setting.

See your room in a new (cosy) light – have a look at our carefully selected range of table lamps. Whether the main purpose is for decorative or practical reasons, The Online Lighting Store offers a beautifully curated collection.

Our table lamps are perfect for providing soft, ambient lighting and offer the most charming decorative features. So, whether you're searching for a more contemporary lamp or something unusual, you'll find it here.

Getting to know the types of table lamps you can have

Here at The Online Lighting Store, we love the versatile table lamp. As you are probably aware, there is a wide range of purposes of use in the household for a table lamp. We have put together a small list of what we consider to be the primary purpose of a table lamp, which include:

Bedside Table Lamp

With the switch being an arm's length away, a table lamp resting on a nightstand helps us get in and out of bed without tripping or banging into anything. Using a table lamp helps us find the middle ground between the often harsh "big light" and a dimly lit bedroom. The perfect lighting to enjoy reading your book before bed.

The Office Desk Light

Table lights show their worth when used for home offices—allowing you to target light to the desk where you get most of your work done at home. Often described as "Task Lights", these lamps are great for providing enough light on the desk without blinding you throughout the day. Very important for those working from home.

House Entryway Table Lamp

Adding a table lamp to the entranceway of your home will provide different lighting sources whilst also helping show off décor at the same time. As you already more than likely have overhead lighting installed, a table lamp at the doorway gives visitors a bright and attractive way to enter your house.

Reading Lamp

Are you a keen reader? Adding a table lamp next to the chair or corner of the room you spend hours reading will improve your experience. Adjustable and flexible table lamps are the ideal selection for this purpose, so they can be moved around to suit your preference.

The best deals on table lamps from top brands

Giving our returning and new customers the best deals from some of the lighting industry's most popular brands is what The Online Lighting Store thrives on. That's why we stock an extensive range of table lamps from the top brands, such as:

  • Endon Lighting
  • Dar Lighting
  • Eglo Lighting
  • Laura Lighting
  • Leuchten Direkt
  • Maytoni
  • Nordlux
  • Paul Neuhaus
  • Searchlight

Use the menu section on the left-hand side of the products to refine your search to a specific lighting brand.

What to think about when buying table lamps

If buying a table lamp is something you've never been tasked with before, you might find yourself getting confused over what sort of table lamp you are looking for. When you get round to buying, ask yourself:

  • Is there enough space for the table light?
  • Does the light require vertical space?
  • How bright do I want the room?
  • Do I want a table light I can control remotely?
  • Will the table light match my surrounding décor?
  • Do I need one or two table lights for the room?

By answering these questions, you'll gain a greater understanding of the type and style of your ideal table lamp. Looking for some additional help? Our team of lighting experts are always on hand via the chat icon in the corner of the page.

How much should I pay for a table lamp?

Our wide-range collection of table lamps has varying price points starting at around £17 to £289. Using the Shop By menu, you can filter for table lamps in your price range.

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