Wall Light

Wall Light

Here at The Online Lighting store, we offer both indoor and outdoor wall lights. Our indoor wall lights collection can be seen below, offering up the perfect products to instil any living environment with relaxing and soft illumination to create a warm and homely atmosphere. Using wall lights will allow to strategically place and direct light to highlight those cosy corners in your home, display your art masterpieces or any other decorative style features in a room.


Getting to know the types of wall lights to choose from

Here at The Online Lighting Store, we love wall lights. When you start to browse the wide array of lighting options, you’ll begin to see that there is a variety of different types of wall lights to choose from. These types of wall lights include:

  • Wall Washer Light
  • Wall Sconce Light
  • Scissor Arm Wall Light
  • Wall Chandelier Light
  • Recessed Wall Light
  • Backlit Wall Light
  • Picture Light
  • Flexible Arm Wall Light
  • Swing Arm Wall Light
  • Wall Pendant Light
  • Flush Wall Light

Great prices on wall lights from top brands

We love to offer our customers the best wall lamp deals from the top names in lighting. When you browse with The Online Lighting Store, you’ll find great value offerings from brands such as:

  • Dar Lighting
  • Eglo Lighting
  • Endon Lighting
  • Maytoni
  • Nordlux
  • Searchlight
  • Paul Neuhaus
  • Leuchten Direkt
  • David Hunt
  • DFTP
  • Laura Ashley
  • Nordium

Maybe you aren’t familiar with the best wall lighting brands? If you are on the hunt for a wall light that stands out, our team would recommend the Delphine Silver Leaf With Ivory Fabric Shade Wall Light and Astral Chrome With Opal Diffuser LED Wall Light; both of which are from Endon Lighting.

What to ask yourself when before purchasing Wall Lights

To ensure you get the wall light which is perfect for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the wall have enough space for the light?
  • How much vertical space on the wall does the light require?
  • What is the purpose of the wall light? Is it decorative or for purpose?
  • Do I want wall lights with dimming settings?
  • What colour of light should I buy? Will it match the rooms other features?
  • Will I be able to install the lights myself?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have criteria to follow, which will help you select the perfect wall light for you. If you need further help with your decision, contact one of our lighting experts via the chat icon on the corner of the page.

Answering these questions will help you start forming that idea of what your ideal ceiling lights look like. And if you need any help at all, please feel free to contact our lighting experts via the chat icon in the corner of the page.

Can I have wall lights outside?

Yes, we supply outside wall lights, which to avoid confusion, we have created a separate page for. If it’s outdoor wall lights you are looking for, follow the link and browse our collection.

Fully controllable smart ceiling lights

Want to be able to turn on or dim your lights with the touch of a button? Perhaps even change the colour to something more suitable? If this sounds appealing to you, you’ll need to have a look at our smart wall lights.

If you require any assistance from our team, you can get in touch via the Contact page or chat icon.

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