No matter what style you have gone for in your home, there is always a spotlight to suit your choice! Here at The Online Lighting Store, our collection features a range of spotlights including bar, single spots and wall mounted spotlights. These lights are perfect for creating directional lighting to highlight a certain feature of the room. View the entire ceiling light collection here.

Spotlights Made to Impress

At The Online Lighting Store, we’re confident that we have something for everyone.

Allow yourself to see your room in a different light – have a look at our collection of traditional and contemporary spotlights, and get to know what make our collection of spotlights special.

What type of Spotlights are there?

When you start your hunt for the perfect spotlight, you’ll realise that there is a huge variety of spotlight types to choose from. Knowing some of the different styles of spotlights can help make your selection more effectively. These types of spotlights include:

  • Recessed Fixture Spotlights
  • Adjustable Spotlights
  • Wall Spotlights
  • Ceiling Spotlights
  • Split Spotlights
  • Handlebar Spotlights

Great deals on Spotlights from top brands

Have a specific brand in mind when looking at spotlights? Our collection of spotlights includes some of the most popular brands in lighting. Here’s an example of some of the brands on offer:

  • Eglo Lighting
  • Dar Lighting
  • Nordlux
  • Searchlight
  • Leuchten Direkt
  • Paul Neuhaus
  • DFTP
  • Endon Lighting

Perhaps you aren’t familiar with these lighting brands? If you are looking for a striking designer spotlight, some of our best include our Kempten Antique Brass Wall Light and the Osaka 1 Light Antique Brass Clip On Spot, both products by Dar Lighting.

What to ask yourself when buying ceiling lights

To save yourself from rushing into a selection and choosing the wrong spotlight for your room, it’s best to ask yourself some questions before purchasing. We’ve made a list of handy questions which will help you gain a greater understanding when choosing the best spotlight for any room:

  • Do I want my spotlight to be on the ceiling or wall?
  • Does this spotlight match the surroundings of the room?
  • Will I be able to install the spotlight myself?
  • How much space do I have to fit a spotlight in?
  • Do I require a spotlight with dimming settings?

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you build a better idea of the spotlight that suits your needs best. Require further help identifying your perfect spotlight? Get in contact with a member of our team using the chat icon in the corner of the page. 

Can I have Spotlights outside?

You sure can! We have created a specific page for our Exterior Spotlights to make it as simple as possible. When it comes to illuminating your driveway, even a tree or object, an outdoor spotlight is the way to go.

Did you know we also have Smart Spotlights?

Looking for spotlights you can control remotely from outside your home? Maybe you want to dim the lights without getting off the sofa? Smart controlled spotlights are for you! Have a look at our Smart Spotlight range here today.

Need for something in particular? You can get in touch with our lighting experts with the usual methods on our Contact page or by clicking our chat icon on the corner of the page.

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