Leuchten Direkt

Leuchten Direkt

Designer brand lighting doesn’t have to break the bank, and the range of Leuchten Direkt lighting available at The Online Lighting Store shows that. We have a varied range of interior and exterior lighting from this top brand, alongside some very unique smart lighting solutions. Get great deals on Leuchten Direkt lighting when you shop at The Online Lighting Store, along with free shipping on qualifying orders.

What is Leuchten Direkt Lighting?

Leuchten Direkt is a brand of the group Paul Neuhaus that sells contemporary indoor and outdoor lighting at affordable prices. Various facets of modern design are implemented by Leuchten Direkt so that models are suitable for nearly every style of living. The collection stocked here at The Online Lighting Store includes modern, simple, classic, and rustic smart lighting styles to enhance your living area and let it shine with the click of a remote.

What makes Leuchten Direkt Lighting special?

We think customers love this range due to the almost perfect mixture of affordability and quality. There’s also the uniqueness you get with some of their designs, whether that’s their ROPE lamps, suspension pendant lights or wire shade frames.

What type of lighting does Leuchten Direkt make?

We stock a great variety of lightings from Leuchten Direkt. This includes: • Leuchten Direkt spotlights • Leuchten Direkt ceiling lights • Leuchten Direkt table lamps • Leuchten Direkt pendant lights • Leuchten Direkt wall lights We also sell contemporary indoor and outdoor lighting from the brand at affordable prices.

Which Leuchten Direkt lighting products are most popular?

Some of our best-selling Leuchten Direkt products include:

If there’s a specific Leuchten Direkt light you’re looking for, but aren’t quite sure of the name, just hit the chat icon in the corner of the page to speak to one of the team. We’ll quickly help you figure out which product you’re looking for.

Does Leuchten Direkt make smart lights?

Yes. We have over 100 different Leuchten Direkt smart lighting options to choose from, with their smart ceiling lights being the most popular (this includes the likes of the Jupiter 59cm ceiling light and LAVINIA 34cm dimmable ceiling light). We also recommend having a quick look at our entire smart lighting range, which includes some excellent smart solutions for pendant lights, recessed lights, and floor lamps.

Can I have Leuchten Direkt lighting outside?

With the SOLAR range of quirky outdoor lights, you can have portable lighting that never needs hooked up; ideal if you have a small balcony or a limited budget.

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