Stylish Chandeliers at The Online Lighting Store

At The Online Lighting Store, we aim to offer an extensive range of lighting styles to suit everything from minimalist to luxury lighting preferences. When it comes to creating that immense sense of elegance and class, chandelier lights can help you achieve exactly that.

Bring an elegant and classy feel to any room by installing a chandelier light. We have everything from polished chrome to crystal chandeliers to suit even the most extravagant tastes.


The majesty of a designer chandelier

There’s a rough rule within the lighting world; if you have space for a chandelier, then that space needs a chandelier. One look at what’s available here at The Online Lighting Store, and you can see we have searched high and low to find some unique and fantastic chandeliers. We have chandeliers to suit all budgets, lighting styles and room types.

If you need any help finding a specific chandelier style or aren’t sure if one will be right for your space, please get in touch, and we’ll assist.


Great deals on chandeliers from top designer brands

The Online Lighting Store has a great range of designer brands in stock offering lavish-looking chandeliers at a great price. Some of the top-rated lighting brands creating fantastic chandeliers include:

  • Dar
  • Eglo
  • Endon
  • Laura Ashley
  • Leuchten Direkt
  • Maytoni
  • Paul Neuhaus
  • Searchlight


If you aim to go all out on a classically styled chandelier that makes a statement, the best brand to look at would be Searchlight. The likes of their Marie Therese 30 Light Chrome and Clear Crystal Chandelier is hard to beat.  


What to think about when buying a chandelier 

First time shopping for a chandelier? Not quite sure what to be looking for, so you avoid making a faux pas? The Online Lighting Store has it covered. When shopping for a chandelier, make sure to ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I have enough space for a chandelier?
  • Do I have enough height for a chandelier?
  • Will the colour match the current décor?
  • Does the ceiling have the capacity to take on the weight?
  • Will the chandelier match other lights in the room?
  • How do I want to control my chandelier?


Being able to answer these clearly will help you build a picture of which chandelier to look for. Regarding that last question, if you want to have lighting you can control remotely, or use via Alexa/Google Home, we recommend looking at some of our smart lighting products.


Can I have a chandelier outside?

If you’ve carved out space in the garden for dining, entertaining, hosting etc., you might want to have hanging lights over a table. In this case, we highly recommend opting for exterior pendant lights or portable lights. The likes of the Sponge 20 LED White Portable Light is a great option, as you can bring it indoors when the weather takes a turn.


Smart interior lighting solutions

The Online Lighting Store is proud to help homes across the country learn how to become a little smarter with their interior lighting. If you’ve read our guide To Smart Home Lighting, you’ll be looking for some appropriate options to become forward-thinking with your lighting.

We recommend checking out our entire range of interior smart lighting options, including smart ceiling lights, floor lamps, pendant lights, and so much more.


Don’t think a chandelier is right for you?

You might find that a chandelier doesn’t fully match what you’re looking for when shopping for lights. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more bright ideas out there. View our ceiling light or pendant light collections for similarly style lighting options.


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