The Big Pendant Guide

Posted by The Online Lighting Store on 3rd Sep 2021

The Big Pendant Guide

The Big Pendant Guide

Pendants are one of the most decorative types of light in the home, and with the right pendant, you can create exactly the atmosphere you want. A pendant is defined as a light that hangs from the ceiling. Pendants come in all shapes and sizes, and the possibilities are endless when choosing the right pendant for your home. So whether you gravitate towards the classic and timeless pendant or dare to experiment with contemporary trends, there is a perfect pendant out there for you.

the big pendant guide

Tips for using pendants

1. Hang your pendant approx. 60-70 cm above the dining table

Create your own personal aesthetic by hanging multiple pendants in a row – and feel free to mix different models and designs. Keep to the same colour for a cohesive look.

3. Hanging multiple pendants together in a cluster creates both an attractive effect and a sculptural look.

4. If you want to have lighting by your bed, you can also hang small pendants to provide good reading light and to form a different look to what a table lamp or wall light would provide.

5. Lighting should be more than just practical and functional. If you dare, choose a pendant that is sculptural and let it be a radiant work of art in itself.

Types of pendants

We’ve gathered 9 of our popular pendants – each different in shape, material, design and style – so you can easily find your favourite.


The essence of one of today’s biggest trends: Opal glass with brass details. Provides a soft and pleasant light and is ideal for many different places in the home.

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Space B

Contemporary design with the latest technology. Ideal in the kitchen or dining area, where different types of light are required depending on the tasks.

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This pendant is perfect over the dining table, as the beautiful, slender design will not obstruct the view across the table. The built-in LED panel makes this type of design possible because the light source takes up almost no space. Artist casts a beautiful light without glare, and it is also dimmable so it can be adjusted according to the situation.

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A contemporary chandelier. The look can be altered depending on the choice of light bulbs. Perfect for above the dining table.

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The lovely pastel shades bring colour to your everyday life. The pendant provides excellent light both upwards and downwards. Stunning above the dining table or in the nursery.

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Modern and rigorous design that emphasises Scandinavian minimalism. Provides a diffuse light without glare, as the LED light source is shielded by an opal plate on the underside of the lampshade. Perfect for above the dining table, as it will not obstruct the view across the table.

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This striking metal pendant features small perforations in the lampshade that really do justice to the light, beautifully and evocatively illuminating the surrounding space. Houston is ideal for providing a pleasant light in the hallway, kitchen or bedroom.

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Classic shape and timeless design. Provides a beautiful diffuse light without glare. Ideal for areas like hallways, where Dee can be hung a bit higher up. Because the lower part of the glass is matte, the light source is not visible, even when it is placed up high.

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“Bring nature inside.” The pendant is crafted in lightweight wooden slats for an ethereal, floating look – while maintaining a certain gravity. Beautifully illuminates a dark corner in the living room or creates ambience above the dining table.

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